My story

Jerry James Co-Founder of Kitchen Faucet Brand
Co-Founder of Kitchen Faucet Brand

I am Jerry James and have many years working as a plumber. I am 33 years old and currently live in Missouri, United States.

Things Plumbers Don’t Want To Tell You.

In my work, I realized there are quite a few secrets that a plumber doesn’t want to tell you.

For example, you can limit some serious incidents with just a little care in your actions. Or, more importantly, you may never need to contact us if you choose products that are good enough in the first place.

My above conclusion is not only based on my experience of handling thousands of incidents over many years but also wholly grounded.

Faucets and sinks do not simply bring comfort and luxury to your kitchen. The above devices greatly influence how you live and prepare food.

A suitable device will save you from regularly facing everyday problems such as clogged drains, rust, and damage.

Some faucet products also add filters to help remove harmful substances in the water and reduce water consumption by up to 50% – a number that anyone can appreciate, but not everyone knows the secret above.

My difficulties

However, it is not always possible to find products that have all the features you desire. As a plumber and a regular consumer, I understand the bewilderment when faced with thousands of options at the store.

Fortunately, I have experience in this field. To choose the best product, I clearly understand the structure, features, advantages, and disadvantages of many different kitchen faucets and sinks.

Every time I have the opportunity, I like to share with my customers the best accessories and equipment and how to maintain and repair problems by myself.


But my desire does not stop there. I know that too many people still don’t have access to this information – information the plumber never wants to tell you.

Besides, as a buyer, I was also quite confused by the range of information that manufacturers and review sites provide.

Nowadays, too few sites provide truthful information, while there are too many promotional reviews with superficial knowledge. Meanwhile, the need to find out information on the Internet before buying is dominant.

That is also the reason why I created this blog. Here, I will use my knowledge, giving the best suggestions today, helping you to narrow your search.

With many years of experience working in pipes and sinks, I am confident that I can make good choices in the price range that will meet your requirements.

This site says no to poor-quality products advertised by manufacturers and vendors. Therefore, you can completely trust the suggestions given.

Besides, I will also give advice and tips related to furniture in general, plumbing, kitchen faucets, and kitchen sinks in particular.

Do you want to know how to unclog a drain without the help of a technician? Do you need handy tips to maintain and extend the life of your faucet?

Everything you need will be on this website, and you will indeed be fascinated by the information that I have to offer nowhere else.

How I Create Content

I’m not a professional writer, so you might be a bit disappointed if you want fancy content with a good investment in images or presentation.

But I can promise you, the information that I bring will be detailed, accurate to the truth, and most helpful.

In particular, even though I am an experienced person in the above field, I will minimize the specialized words in the article so that I can bring you the most understandable and attractive knowledge.

Specifically, any product available on my website goes through a thorough testing and evaluation process.

I try to experiment with as many products as possible to make recommendations as objective and sound as possible. With new products that have not been tested, I had to look carefully at the parameters and refer to customers who have used the device before.

In addition, in working, I also spend a lot of time communicating with colleagues – who have high expertise in this field.

At the same time, I also have contact with employees in stores that sell kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks – the people who know best the reaction of customers to the new product launch.

Finally, it is essential to confirm that any brand does not sponsor any content contained on this website. Therefore, you can completely trust the objectivity of the information I provide.

What Will You Find On This Website?

Now, you know the methods I use to create content. And you may be wondering, why should you trust us instead of going to any other website?

If you appreciate the experiences below, you will love the content that appears on this site:

  • You want to find a product that has a beautiful design and blends in with your kitchen design.
  • You have a limited budget but still want a product that sufficiently meets all your basic needs.
  • You appreciate durable products that can stay with you for years to come.
  • You have difficulty finding information about kitchen furniture products such as sinks faucets because there are too many websites open today but too few reputable addresses.
  • You doubt the veracity of the information provided by the manufacturer and the mass reviews on sales sites.
  • Or if you want advice on how to choose and use a kitchen faucet and how to solve your faucet problems.

You should not skip the website with my passionate sharing if you love the above content. I also look forward to receiving your contributions and sharing to improve more knowledge, thereby improving the quality of this website specializing in kitchen equipment.

Contact information

If you have any questions, contributions related to website content, or desire to cooperate in website development, you can contact us at the address below:

My name: Jerry James Co-Founder of Kitchen Faucet Brand
Address: 5677 John Daniel Drive Bunker, MO 3336, United States
Phone: 131-109-4706
Website: https://kitchenfaucetbrand.com/
Email: [email protected]