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Amazing Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Try

March 16, 2023
Amazing Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Try

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. As a multifunctional space for cooking, dining, and socialising, it’s essential to have proper lighting that is both functional and inviting. This article explores some amazing kitchen lighting ideas, including ambient, task, accent, decorative lighting options, energy efficiency, and smart lighting solutions. Let’s get started!

Well-lighted space of the open-plan kitchen

Ambient Lighting Ideas

Ambient lighting provides general illumination, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Here are some popular ambient lighting options for your kitchen:

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures, or downlights, are installed in the ceiling, providing a clean and modern look. They are perfect for kitchens with low ceilings and create a well-distributed, even light throughout the space.

Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount lights are another great option for ambient lighting. These fixtures sit close to the ceiling, providing ample illumination without taking up too much visual space. They come in various styles and finishes, making them an excellent choice for any kitchen design.

Task Lighting Ideas

Task lighting focuses on specific work areas, such as countertops, islands, and sinks. Here are some effective task-lighting options:

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a popular choice for task lighting in kitchens. These lights are installed beneath upper cabinets, illuminating countertops and making preparing food and cleaning up easier. LED strip lights and puck lights are common under cabinet lighting options.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a stylish and functional choice for task lighting. Suspended from the ceiling, they provide focused illumination on kitchen islands, countertops, or dining areas. Pendant lights come in various styles and materials, allowing you to add a touch of personality to your space.

Accent Lighting Ideas

Accent lighting highlights architectural features or decorative elements in a room. Here are some innovative accent lighting ideas for your kitchen:

Toe Kick Lighting

Toe kick lighting, installed at the base of cabinets, adds a subtle glow to your kitchen floors. This type of lighting can make your kitchen appear larger and more inviting while providing a touch of elegance.

In-Cabinet Lighting

In-cabinet lighting is an excellent way to showcase your glassware, dinnerware, or collectables. Installing LED strip lights or puck lights inside glass-front cabinets can create a beautiful display and add depth to your kitchen design.

Decorative Lighting Ideas

Decorative lighting adds a touch of style and personality to your kitchen. Here are a couple of eye-catching decorative lighting options:


Chandeliers are a fantastic way to make a statement in your kitchen. While traditionally used in formal dining rooms, chandeliers can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen design. Choose a chandelier that complements your kitchen’s style and size, and use dimmers to control the intensity of the light.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces provide both ambient and accent lighting while adding a touch of flair to your kitchen walls. They come in various styles and finishes, making them an excellent option for any kitchen design. Consider installing wall sconces on either side of a window or a piece of artwork to create a balanced look.

Layered Lighting Approach

For the most effective kitchen lighting, consider using a layered approach that combines ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting. This will ensure a well-lit and visually appealing space where each type of lighting complements and enhances the others. Experiment with different lighting combinations to find the perfect balance for your kitchen.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting technology lets you control your kitchen lighting through voice commands, smartphone apps, or setting schedules. This adds convenience and helps create the perfect mood and atmosphere for any occasion. Some smart lighting options include smart bulbs, smart switches, and smart light strips.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy-efficient lighting options, such as LED and CFL bulbs, are excellent for your kitchen. They consume less energy, last longer, and are more environmentally friendly than traditional incandescent bulbs. Additionally, look for fixtures with Energy Star certification to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Choosing the Right Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is crucial in creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. Warm white (2700K to 3000K) creates a cosy and relaxed ambience, while cool white (3500K to 4100K) provides a brighter, more stimulating environment. Consider using a mix of colour temperatures in different areas of your kitchen for a balanced look.

Tips for Small Kitchens

For smaller kitchens, proper lighting can make the space feel larger and more open. Consider these tips:

  1. Use multiple light sources to eliminate dark corners and create an even light distribution.
  2. Choose fixtures with a slim profile, such as recessed or flush mount lights, to save visual space.
  3. Use mirrors or reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room, making it appear brighter and more spacious.


A well-lit kitchen can dramatically improve the functionality and ambience of your space. By experimenting with ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting options, you can create a stunning kitchen that is both practical and inviting. Don’t forget to consider energy efficiency, colour temperature, and smart lighting solutions to enhance your kitchen experience even further.


  1. Q: How do I choose the right size light fixture for my kitchen? A: Consider the size of your kitchen and the height of your ceilings. Larger fixtures work well in spacious kitchens with high ceilings, while smaller fixtures are more suitable for compact spaces.
  2. Q: What is the best type of lighting for a kitchen island? A: Pendant lights are an excellent choice for kitchen islands, providing focused task lighting while adding style and personality to your space.
  3. Q: How can I make my small kitchen appear bigger with lighting? A: Use multiple light sources to eliminate dark corners, opt for slim-profile fixtures, and incorporate mirrors or reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room.
  4. Q: What is the best colour temperature for kitchen lighting? A: The ideal colour temperature for kitchen lighting depends on the atmosphere you want to create. Warm white (2700K to 3000K) is perfect for a cosy and relaxed ambience, while cool white (3500K to 4100K) offers a brighter, more energising environment. You can also mix colour temperatures in different kitchen areas for a balanced look.
  1. Q: How can I make my kitchen more energy-efficient with lighting? A: Opt for energy-efficient bulbs like LED and CFL and look for fixtures with Energy Star certification. Additionally, consider using smart lighting solutions to control and automate your kitchen lighting, reducing energy consumption when not in use.

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